Dave, a traditional stoneware potter, works with new forms and old forms.  The only thing constant in his work is “change.”   A Smithsonian Gift Shop request for Dave to make “Buffalo Mugs” started him in the Buffalo Mug business.  The Smithsonian request lead other art galleries to ask Dave for other items with the Buffalo design.  Dave now adds the buffalo, moose, wolf, bear, and dozens of other designs to his stoneware pottery.  Dave hand paints portrait plates, as well as advertising jugs and mugs.  Dave sells pottery at wide variety events, including events that require reproduction pottery from a specific time period.  Dave carefully researches the required time period to assure his pottery meets the event requirements.  This research often spawns new ideas pottery at future art events and showings so that Dave never runs out of ideas and designs for his art work.   Producing pottery for one event may result in whimsical frogs, turtles, and dragons.   Items for the next show could require Dave to produce Native American earthen ware cooking pots, or the next show may require early American jugs, butter churns, and crocks.

   Dave formed Dakota Stoneware in 1972 while living in Brookings, South Dakota.  In 1978, Dave moved 5 miles east to Bushnell on Main St. and lives behind the studio and gallery.  Producing pottery for over 12 shows each year, retail orders, and select wholesale customers often requires firing 2 electric kilns 24 hours a day, especially for the busy summer show circuit.  Dave also reenacts historic Engineer Explorers of the Region for schools and events.